Falkon (i.e. QupZilla)

With the demise of FireFox on Haiku, QupZilla is not bad browser–but it is an old version of 1.8.9 and I have experienced memory consumption issues occasionally (where it will uses all the RAM, seizes the PC, and forces a hard reboot).

QupZilla 3.0 is now known as Falkon 3.0. Just curious if this is still active project for Haiku?

The current release is now v3.1.

Falkon needs QtWebEngine which is still unavailable on Haiku.
So we cannot update to Falkon right now.


Thanks! Well, that would be awesome when it and Falkon gets migrated for Haiku.

@KapiX managed to get it running but it doesnt render. I think he abonded it for now.
Maybe someone with much spare time steps up.