Failing display on ASUS A6 laptop on boot

I don’t know how to deal with this: I tried Haiku r1alpha4 on an ASUS A6 laptop: boots from my USB image, nice HAIKU logo with its 7 icons, then the display flashes and from there on stays blank… I guess it waits for user input… but as I don’t see anything, how should I select something sensible?
Any idea’s here? Is there a HAIKU which boots using the default VGA like display setting every PC since many years knows?
(PS. I held shift while booting and selected VGA, then continue boot… shows a nice 16-color bar on the top left of the screen… and that’s it… nothing else ever comes…)

Just to give all I know… the ASUS A6 shows WXGA 15.4" as its display…

Just to give all I know… the ASUS A6 shows WXGA 15.4" as its display…

Did you try to enable “Use fail-safe video mode” in the boot loader?

Yes Sir… found that. And with Use Fail-safe video mode and setting it then to 1024x768 at 32 bit it works - by the way that seems to be the ONLY one which works. The 16 bit/24 bit versions all lead to a “PANIC” and a kernel debugger entrance…

AND, that is what happens time and again whenever I go on the deskbar and try to select something there.

ALSO, using the anyboot distribution from my USB stick, there is never an option to load HAIKU and install it to my Hard Disk…although there is a 20G partition there, and nothing else…
I cannot recall reading that one could ONLY install HAIKU from CD ?

Indeed - when using the CD the installer works… why didn’t that work from the USB ??? Looks like Anyboot is not quire equal to ISO ?? Weird.

Now…is there a method to set the use fail-safe video mode and the default setting in a file or so, such that every time the system reboots it works? An I am no longer forced to keep Shift pressed and enter these options myself??

Sorry I no longer need an answer…you guys need to figure out how to deal with this - and I wait for a couple of releases…after nicely doing as told with installing the wireless the system takes endless to boot. Then comes up to just enter PANIC …

I am afraid this HAIKU isn’t ready for prime time yet. I’ll revert to fedora.

Try this suggestion:

It is how I fixed a similar problems in the past.