Facebook Activity Feed and Twitter link on Frontpage

In regards to putting more information on Haiku’s frontpage, why not add a Facebook activity module on the left side of the page? I don’t know who runs the page, but it always seems to have relevant up to date info on it.

Besides that, almost every modern website has a social media link to Facebook or Twitter.

So, here: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/like-box-for-pages

You can easily put this script into a custom HTML module and pull feeds right onto Haiku’s website to make it more interesting.

Secondly, consider making (if there’s not one already) a Haiku Twitter Account, followed by a TwitterFeed Account.


Using Twitterfeed, you can use RSS feeds, and all kinds of other stuff to aggregate sources & info from different sites that display the info on your Twitter Account automatically. One could add Drupal’s RSS feed, Facebook’s, GIT commits, and Freelists posts all to Twitter.