Extract zbeos boot loader from image


Am finally tuning up my multi-boot laptop.

I would like to copy out a patched ram limiter boot loader from a image. I don’t have access to a working floppy drive ATM. No issues creating a bootable CD image, just don’t know how to read out that boot file.

Any tips how to do this?

zbeos was the dos .exe that would start the BeOS bootloader on the BeOS5-PersonalEdition.exe used for bootinmg BeOS from inside Windows 95/98. one can find BeOS5-PersonalEdition.exe on BeShare and run it in Windows to extract the file.

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Far as I know, zbeos is the beos bootloader and kernel loader. On a beos instance it’s typically under /beos/system, and not a dos executable.


I’m trying to pull it from one of the patched ram limiting bootable floppy images to install permanently on my HDD without having to boot through CD everytime.

Yu’re right, I was thinking of the dos file that needed zbeos available in the same directoty to start BeOS. zbeos is located in /boot/beos/system on a BeOS install. It is not poart of the floppy image, The floppy is used to boot if one does not install a boot manager. Use bootman from a Terminal to install it from BeOS or chain-load from any other boot manager.

Bootman only installs the boot manager for partitions.

I ended up running the following command from against a ram limiter floppy image.

head -c 78900 some.floppy.image.name.img > /boot/home/temp/zbeos

I used 78900 because that’s the byte size of the original /boot/beos/zbeos file. I then swapped the original file with my extracted file and now have my system booting perfect with a “1gb” ram limit

For what it’s worth the last post was very helpful. The Beos_V5_512MB_Bootloader.zip file has a working floppy image that successfully boots but the zbeos file didn’t boot for me. Running head and saving a new one is the trick that made it work. Thanks @buddhaiku.