External monitor support?

Hi, I can’t get Haiku (running from a USB flash drive into an Asus EEE 701 netbook) to display on my external monitor.

The only resolution available (from both booting without VGA connected, and with VGA connected) is 800x480 - the size of my laptop screen. Various versions of linux have had no problem displaying this resolution on my monitor, so I was wondering if there is a file I could edit within Haiku which would provide compatibility with my LCD. Something akin to Xorg.conf?

The LCD panel is can go up to 1680x1050 and I have tried 60Hz and 75Hz. Through each permutation of VGA plugged in on boot up, frequency change, and screen switching, the only results I get are “Out of range” or a garbled display of 800x480 (like the screen has been ‘slashed’ horizontally).

The netbook uses an Intel 910/915 chipset, and I am using the R1 alpha release.

Any help appreciated, thanks.

I have an Intel GMA 950 on my laptop, and both the VGA out and the LCD works, although only one at a time (there is no multi-monitor support yet). And I am running my external monitor at 1680x1050. Have you tried BIOS settings (as in setting the panel as default monitor)/VESA mode? You can try “listimage | grep accel” to see video card driver is in use. Sorry that’s about all I know on this topic. Seeing as how you have the video working somewhat, you could “svn co” the source and try to find out what is going on that way. I have had good results a few times this way in Haiku–the system internals are quite straightforward in comparison to other OSes and if you have the LiveCD it is already set up to compile a new copy of itself.