Exporting data from VMWARE


i have downloded a vmware image of Haiku on this web site:

Is it possible with it to export my saved data outside of vmware (example: a text file, an image). Using a USB key, a network, a CR-RW, …

And how ?

(I am a very beginner in haiku, i don’t know what can do with this vmware version, and how)


Hey Greg,

You should get the VMW Tools ( http://www.bebits.com/app/4296 ) to share the clipboard with the hosting OS. Great for short texts and things like URLs.

For bigger things, I transfer it via FTP. Which of course only works if you have an FTP server available anywhere…

I don’t know about USB devices.

How can i import VMW Tools (or other datas) in Haiku in the vmware image ?
And maybe VMW Tools is not enough for me.
Acctually, i want to develop some programs. I will need to import/export text files, images, project files…

I have a web site, i could downlod/upload data to my web site ? how with which program (available in the vmware image) ?
Opera is available in the vmware image, but it doesn’t work (maybe i just need to configure it manualy, or maybe network is not already available?).
I dont know if it is possible to surf on the web with haiku (i could send me files by e-mail). Haiku is in alpha stage and i don’t know what is ready and what is possible to do with it.

Opera should work, at least it does here…
Are you sure you’ve got a correct .vmx file? There’s one at http://haiku-os.org/downloads .

If you have an unmodified image there’s wget for downloads and of course ftp. Up/dowloading to/from your website should work.

Developing under Haiku is still a bit flakey. Small projects may work, bigger ones may not. Haiku really is not yet in alpha phase, as it isn’t yet self-hosting.

Development is best done from BeOS for now.

Ok. I think i will wait a better advanced version of Haiku, because opera, firefox and ftp doesn’t seems to work, or maybe i just don’t know how to configure it.

I will try to use BeOS DevEd (even if it isn’t very stable on my PC)


This is really strange as VMware should “emulate” the exact same hardware environment for everyone.
You could post your .vmx file here to see if there’s a configuration problem.

If DevEd is too unstable, you could try BeOS Max ( http://www.bebits.com/app/3892 ) which appears to be more current. Maybe newer patches will fix your issues.

Good Luck!

I have used the .vmx file given with the image:

When i launch Opera i have an error message about someting like "window setting"
When i launch firefox-bin it tells me that it cannot found the .so files (but they are in the same folder as firefox-bin.
I have tested NetPenguin, and it cannot found my server ftpperso.free.fr

But i have not congigured anything. Maybe i should ? I have downloaded the image and the .vmx file from haikuware and i have launch VmwarePlayer with the .vmx.


The .vmx file from Haikuware should work fine.

I don’t think Firefox is launchable without some twiddling quite yet.

I just had the same error with Opera. Do a query for “opera.win” and delete that file from Opera’s settings folder. Opera should now start again.

As for network in general, try to ping a server from Terminal, like “ping haiku-os.org” to see if it comes through.

Maybe it’s a configuration problem with NetPenguin. Try “ftp” from Terminal.

If you have BeOS PE/Pro you should copy over NetPositive (via your FTP-Server). It does have its problems, but between it and Opera, ftp and wget, you should be all set for at least a minimum of communication with the world outside…

Tanks. I will test that.

You should set up NAT in vmware. Than install any ftp server on your host pc (I use slimftpd for windows). In Haiku type ftp in console, than ‘open ip_of_your_host_pc’, enter username and password for your ftp server. help - list of all supported commands. Important ftp commands are binary, recv, put, ls. Do not forget to use ‘binary’ command if you want to transfer binary files!

Alternatively, you can use the FtpPositive (http://www.bebits.com/app/4457) or NetPenguin (http://www.bebits.com/app/34). I think they both work in Haiku now.