EUFI Information for Haiku from elementOS?


Long time lurker.

Just saw an interesting notice on release of Elementary OS that has specific work done on the EUFI and boot process. Thought maybe they may be able to assist as I believe that is one of the challenges in Haiku.

"EFI & SecureBoot

With the help of incredibly useful tips, advice, and code snippets from Antoni Norman (aka Pinguy), Cody has almost completely rewritten our .iso build system since 0.3.1. We’ve tested these new builds on 64-bit (U)EFI, and BIOS machines, with and without internet, with SecureBoot and legacy boot, and everything in between. No more infamous GRUB boot error!"

Link to notice:

Just a thought. I may be way off base, but trying to assist.


Do you mean UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface)? I’m rather confused as to what you mean… but if you meant to mention EFI, no, Haiku does not have official EFI support yet. It should, however, in the future. But I wouldn’t get excited about Secure Boot (added in spec 2.1, I believe), as it is a royal pain and takes away user freedom in general.