Error writing file attributes. -- when unzipping a file downloaded from BeShare

Has anyone run into this issue? I pulled down a few zipped files off of BeShare when when unzipping them to any place in the file system (Desktop, etc…) I get Error writing file attributes.

Looks like a problem with newer unzip we’re using now.

Shall I file a bug?

UPDATE: I went on ahead an opened a bug:


Actually I reported this myself the other day. It’s annoying but not fatal. Just run unzip from the Terminal – it will still report the errors but not stop. Attributes on directories are not usually important anyway. Needs to be fixed soon, though, so it doesn’t keep tripping people up!

[Also annoying is that Trac keeps thinking I’m a spammer!! This time the captcha was unreadable! Fortunately my wild guess turned out to be correct…:grinning:]

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