[error] failed to commit transaction: ..name in use

dear all

i try to updating via haikudepot … and show that kind of error…
how to check and solve this kind of issue.


right now i go to /boot/system/package and try to install manually by pkgman install b* then c*
… try one by one character… seem stop on openssl…

its is openssl package that cause this issue…
remove and continue try to update

…so this summary what i do…

  1. go to /boot/system/packages/administrative/transaction-1 (last transaction folder)
  2. list it
  3. try to install by group of char .eg: pkgman install a* if success then pkgman install b*
  4. if there is error come narrow down source and delete the problematic package
  5. continue until all package installed… sometime more than 1 file that you need to delete

seem solve the issue