Error Copy File *.MP4


When I copy the video files (*.MP4) from my HD camera, then I can not read them, because I copy them corrupt.
however, if I copy them to another computer with Mac Os x 10.13.3, I have no problem.

Say that the unit is mounted correctly.

You can help me solve this problem.

Thank you

Please submit a bug report at See for more information.

Can you check the checksums? Maybe your camera using some strange codec-container, what not supported by FFMPEG…

I mean you can copy the same file with both OS, then in OSX:

shasum -a 256 /User/you/Desktop/yourvideo.mp4

and in Haiku:

sha256sum /boot/home/Desktop/yourvideo.mp4

should report the same checksum (a long alphanumerical string)

If they are the same, then the file is the same, and if they are the same, then only the MediaPlayer is somewhat broken.