Eric's Ultimate Solitaire for BeOS (Wildcard Design)

Does that include Space Girl?

I don’t know @dcatt , did you look?

Downloaded Eric’s Ultimate Solitaire and it works perfectly!

Unfortunately ACiD Tetris doesn’t launch; it gives me a “This file was mistakenly marked as executable” and the file info says it’s an Old BeOS Application.


Try “Golf”. Best card game ever!

I have both Civilization Call to power AND Corum 3 in retail boxes at home.
I have made ISO’s and scanned the manuals and have them on my server at home.
I have a plan to make a torrent out of them but never gotten to it.
I’ll check if I can make them available somehow.
I’ll be back about that.


There’s a version of ACiD Tetris on the BeOS R3.2 Demo CD:

Note that it somehow rendered my BeOS 5 partition unbootable from bootman…

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BeOS R3 x86 binaries will not run on anything other than BeOS R3 x86.

There are a small number of closed source BeOS apps which were not updated after R3 and hence can only be run on R5 on PowerPC. Indeed there are a few PowerPC only apps that were never updated for R3 on Intel either.

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Corum 3 for BeOS v4.5.2 and v5 is now uploaded to drropbox, links below:

Complete archive (both CD’s, box pictures and scanned manual 7z’ed, 827Mb

I hope the link works, first time trying this stunt.

Notify me if the files don’t work, I have not tried to burn the ISO’s myself.

Link to the BeOS folder in case you want Corum 3 in 2 parts:


I’ll have to solve the scanning of the manual to Civ CTP, my scanner doesn’t work with books.
Multifunction printer, bah…


Scanned the whole manual for Civilization Call to power.

I created a 7z archive with everything, even the reference charts.

Link below, I hope it works.

Notify me if something doesn’t work

PS. The reference charts was made with a camera, but if you zoom in on the picture you should be able to follow the lines.


Superb! Thank you! I will test these soon.

I appreciate your efforts!