English - Russian Translater: Anyone?

Can anyone here translate English to Russian and vice versa, really well?
I’d like to get in touch with a developer who only speaks Russian… and depending on the situation, may need someone to continue to translate so people can work together. Can anyone here help? If so, how do I contact you?

Heya! Im new in to HOS. I was interesting in BeOS some time ago, but as we all know it died (to bad) So anyway, i think i can help with translation to Russian. Just give me the idea what kind of things you wont to translate.

Thanks Vali… How can I contact you privately? Can you perhaps send me your email address here: http://haiku-os.org/user/1120/contact or do you use AIM, MSN, or ICQ?

Doesn’t Ubuntu use a webapplication for their translation of software? Perhaps that could be ported to Haiku project(s) as well? I haven’t done any research on this as I’m in a bit of a hurry.

Found it: https://help.launchpad.net/FeatureHighlights/SoftwareTranslation but perhaps it wasn’t the software that needed to be translated :slight_smile: Anyway, perhaps it should be used.