Email provider?

What’s a good email provider for Haiku? I’m looking for one compatible with Haiku’s mail application - not a web based service. I live in the U.S. but it doesn’t matter where it’s hosted - as long as I can use the native mail client.

Hi kemps4,

I’ve been using with pop3 for many years now. Only, after I last reinstalled Haiku - and didn’t have a backup of the mail settings - I can’t seem to find right options for SMTP. I can fetch but not send at the moment.

Can anyone using GMX upload a shot from their working SMTP settings, please?

To answer my own request:
This seems to be a setting that works: Unencrypted, ESMTP


you can use gmail in SMTP mode and I use it with Haiku using the excellent Beam native email client

Do a search on this sight of how to set it up.


Thanks! I’ll give it a go tonight.