EFI boot support

When will EFI support be implemented in Haiku?

Frederik has been working on it for some time now, monitor his EFI branch. It doesn’t seem to be a no-brainer… :slight_smile:


It’s at a standstill at the moment and probably will be for at least some months. I’m down and out.
The EFI code is mostly there, but the bootstrapping of Haiku needs work. Someone that is already experienced in that could probably finish it in quite short amount of time.


Is there anybody who has experience in EFI programming?

You don’t really need EFI knowledge at this stage those parts are mostly done and integrated into the build of Haiku, any EFI related questions I can help with. What you need is knowledge of bootstrapping on x86_64 primarily.

Thanks for getting the ball rolling, Frederik, and in fact up to quite some speed apparently.
Maybe you should post a nice little invitation to the other devs on the mailinglist. If you make out the rest of the work as trivial, you might catch a few careless devs… :slight_smile: