Educational support

Hello all,

I’ve been looking into Haiku for quite some time now and I am quite interested in the direction it is heading.
Currently I’m a student at the HAN university for Information Technology in the Netherlands and I’ve already had my share of school projects. Up till now all the projects I’ve worked on are school-related and end up in the archives, which isn’t the best motivation to work on something.
I’ve talked to a teacher about the possibility of using actual (Open Source) projects and he was fairly interested. The semester he teaches is MPNA (Make a high Performance Network Application), which aims to teach the fundamentals of network programming.

I was wondering if someone can tell me what some of the possibilities are for some form of collaboration with the Haiku project. This includes:

  1. Primarily the interest of Haiku developers in starting this collaboration
  2. Listing missing network protocols e.g. smb is mentioned in FutureHaikuFeatures, but I can't find it in trac
  3. Getting a starting-reference for implementing some of these protocols e.g. a lesson-blog or a rewrite of Writing Video Card Drivers in BeOS for the already implemented NFS
  4. By which standards and through which means should the code be submitted to the upstream developers

This is just some brainstorming, so feel free to point me to issues that I haven’t thought of yet or point me towards some other subjects that might be beneficial for students and Open Source alike.

  1. The developers hang out on the mailing lists. Some are on the General and all of them are on the Developer one.
  2. & 3) I say talk to the developers about that
  3. You can create an (enhancement) ticket & attach patch. Or you might be able to send directly to a developer for review & applying. They allow SVN access once you prove you can provide good quality code and know what you are doing. Talk to developers more about this.

You are free to work on anything on Haiku.