Editing Haiku's Source. Questions

Ok, we have started with Haiku to make our own OS, but now we need to know somethings.
I see some of the Image Files are in .BIN format. How can I edit these?
Is Haiku ALL c++ and c?
Ill raise more questions if i get any.

No… I actually meant making an OS.
I already had plenty experience with coding.

Changing boot icons is called now “making own OS”? Don’t be lazy and learn how Haiku works with those BIN images directly in the sources. Anyway you must have some practise before you “write your OS”. :smiley:

I am going to make my own OS too. :wink:

I believe you meant to say distro (a customized version of Haiku). You have to edit the source code to make changes.

The code is C & C++