Easiest "full install" to check compatibility


As I understood you, you’re using the whole disk. Only do this if that’s the case. Instead of following it step by step, insert a step immediately before initializing a partition. This may or may not help, I’m not sure.

Insert this step:
In DriveSetup, under the Disk menu, choose Format and setup a partition table, using the whole disk as one partition. Then proceed to initializing that partition.

You may need to play with the partition table type depending on what your computer is capable of.


Actually, the bootmanager itself supports it, but lack of support of an ioctl to get the ‘BIOS drive id’ in our hard disk drivers means it is currently not possible to use the bootman installer from Haiku to do that.

So, you could achieve it by hex-editing the bootman menu after installing…


Was that meant for the other BootManager feature discussion? It makes more sense in that context.