E-Mail Settings, allow SMTP-User and Password

I use different SMTP and IMAP Servers & Credentials for my E-Mail account but can not change the SMTP-Username and Password in the E-Mail Settings as the fields are disabled and the values are identical to the IMAP credentials.
Is there a way to provide different SMTP-Credentials?
Thanks, Fabian

Do you have tried beam istead of the Standard Mail App?

“Login type: None”
I am wondering, if that could be related…

Ah, indeed, thanks! Sorry my bad! Toggling to ESMTP also enabled the credential-fields.

Seems like “login type” should be above the credentials text fields.

I have also had no luck getting E-mail to work for incoming mail with B2. Same setup works fine with B1. I have been using MailNews but prefer to use the native email client.