Dwell click on Haiku?

Does Haiku support dwell click (where the pointer can stay over something and the OS or OE can send a click)?

To explain where this would be really useful to Haiku’s future if it doesn’t have it, imagine an environment that does not have a keyboard, mouse, or trackpad… or at least not in traditional terms. It’d still have a ‘mouse’ in that it’d have a pointer going around the screen but if there was a pointing device someone had on their head or wrist, they could navigate the Haiku desktop without needing to ever touch anything, including buttons.


As far as I know this is not currently supported but I am fairly confident it would be possible to implement this as an input server addon. It would watch for mouse moves and if the mouse doesn’t move for a while it could send a click event. But it might be annoying and constantly clicking and changing window focus and similar if there wasn’t some way to see if there was a clickable element underneath (button, menu, etc.)

I know ChromeOS has something like this and it might be worth checking out more how that works. I know it animates the cursor a bit before clicking so there is some warning. You can also change the action it takes on the auto click.

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Thanks for the info, I’d have no idea how to go about this atm but it’s an idea for the future, there’s a few I might be able to start on