Duel Boot

is there in any information on the site about setting up a duel boot with windows… I want to try HAIKU but I still need access to my windows app’s



Not on the site but I can give quick information.

Be sure you can access your hard drive with Haiku Alpha CD before trying to install it.

Use Gparted LiveCD to re-size (Windows) - make partition smaller. Create new partition for Haiku in empty space. Careful because Gparted can delete partitions too.

Re-size Windows to smaller size and make it first partition ( re-size from the end not the front ). Create new partition 2 in empty space. You may have to format it fat32 - I believe un-formatted may cause issue. Gparted is great for partitions and resizing.

Insert Haiku Alpha CD. Follow instructions here:

Be sure to install Haiku to the right partition. You may want to backup your important Windows files onto flash drive.

You’ll also require a boot manager, Haiku’s bootman should work. This allows you to choose which OS, Windows or Haiku, to boot. Grub & Lilo can be used if you have Linux installed. Bootman should install but sometimes there can be an issue with it. There are other 3rd party boot managers that can be used too but you’ll have to find them yourself (if you can’t install bootman).

If all works right then great but you should still have a LiveCD ( Haiku & Linux ) handy because you may mess something up and have trouble booting off the hard drive until you fix it.

All of this is easy to do but you have to be careful not to delete your Windows partition, just re-size it. Go slow and you should be fine.


If you do a search for “dual boot” in our website, you will find several posts that most probably already have the information that you are looking for.

Dual booting Haiku with Windows is really simple if you follow tonestone57’s advice. That’s pretty much what i did for my desktop. You can also dual boot if you have separate hard drives, like i do with my EeePC 901 (Haiku on the 4gb, Windows on the 16gb)

You should use the NTLoader Boot manager to avoid problems.

1 - Install Haiku with the Haiku Alpha CD (or USB key)

2 - get back your haiku’s bootsector:
if you installed Haiku on


then, open Terminal and type :

dd if=/dev/disk/ata/0/master/2 of=boot.sec bs=512 count=1

3 - Copy the boot.sec file in the root directory of your windows boot partition

4 - add this line to the [operating systems] section of your boot.ini file


If you does that, your Windows installation remains intact.

Works with WindowsXP/2000 but not with Vista/Seven

starsseed: just use GAG,mit cuts that nonsense out :wink: Windows’ bootloader is unawares of Haiku, so no editing, and haiku is chainloaded from GAG like Windows is.

I don’t understand you very well.

do you want to say “it doesn’t work” ?

Windows don’t Know Haiku, but the NT_Loader (before vista) can bootchain to an other partition’s bootsector. (no matter if it is Haiku Linux or something else, this partition just need to be on the same disk - the bootable one)

here is my boot.ini

[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professionnel" /fastdetect
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(1)partition(1)\WINDOWS="XP" /fastdetect

it works fine for me…

nb: My grub is not installed in the master boot record but in the partition boot sector