Dual boot Haiku and Senryu? And Nvidia Driver Question

Greetings to one and all. First off, I would like to thank all of the people behind this Hoopy Frood OS variant. I have been toying with it for about a year now and since we have an install CD/DVD (instead of the messy Linux install tricks), I have now dedicated 2 partitions on my system (See bottom for full specs) for its use and programming. lol

Now for the questions…

  1. I have 2 partitions back to back with Haiku on the first partition and Senryu on the second partition.
    Drive Configuration:
    /dev/disk/ata/2/slave/0 Be File System Haiku /boot 40G
    /dev/disk/ata/2/slave/1 Be File System Senryu /Senryu 20G
    /dev/disk/ata/2/slave/2 NTFS

I used the install disk for the Haiku and just formatted and copied the Senryu from a raw image. I have tried to “makebootable” that partition once, but it corrupted my original install. What would be the proper way of dual booting the Senryu partition?

Second question…
I am running an AsRock K8NF4G-Sata2 Motherboard with the onboard NV44 (GeForce 6100) video card. What driver do I need to install for correct running of 3d, etc. (I am using the Vesa drivers and seem to work ok. But I would love to have the correct drivers for programming.) EDIT: Found out that this is an actual bug in the nvidia driver. (Ref #2780)

System Specs:
K8NF4G-Sata2 Motherboard, onboard video NV44 (Geforce 6100) 128M shared ram, 1G DDR288 Ram
HD 1 250G Segate (Windows XP)
HD 2 110G Toshiba (Haiku/Senryu/Network Shared NTFS)