Drivers for Via Mini-itx systems


It would be great to have fully supported drivers for the well known via mini-itx solutions. VGA, Sound and Net drivers.
I dont know what is better, to ASK Via to build one, or ASK them to help You to build.

Mini-itx is a very good platform, and in my opinion lot of people would use his/her BeOS, Zeta, Haiku on them.


I concur. I’ve been struggling to get the network hardware up through
BeOS Max on my fanless DDR mini-itx board I use as a multimedia
front-end for my TV. There are Linux drivers for just about
everything on those boards, so it’s just a matter of looking at
the source there. Linux is currently running as a server OS on
my other silent mini-itx board. It would be nice if Haiku could
be used on both ends :>.