Downgrade to R1/beta2

Hello, I “upgraded” to R1/beta3, only to find it doesn’t run properly. It freezes and crashes, both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions. My computer is an HP with opteron 12-core cpu. How can I downgrade back to R1/beta2, which at least worked most of the time? I have been using Haiku for about 10 years. This is a great dissappointment.

Naive question: have you tried a current nightly?

Press space bar during beginning to boot and select one of the older system versions and start.


Change the repo and then downgrade.

This page should cover the information about upgrading and downgrading your system: Updating and downgrading your system | Haiku Project

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Yes, I tried 4 different 32-bit nightlies. They were actually worse.

Unfortunately, I did not keep the older versions.

Is there a way to download the anyboot iso for R1/beta2, and then
have access to the nightly images that followed it, but preceded beta3?

You can install a beta over your existing install and update only the 3rdparty packages.

The page I linked also has instructions for updating/downgrading to a specific hrev number and locking your system there so you never get any updates.

Be aware that newer software will probably not run on older versions after a while. Support for a beta release stops as soon as the next one is released.

Thank you so much. I replaced the 64 version with R1/beta2. It now works. I will do the same with 32 bits. Curiously, R1/beta3 appears to run well (so far) on my Lennovo laptop. But I do prefer the desktop HP, because it has 12 cores and a bigger screen.

Please do open a ticket with pictures of the crashes, at least, so we could investigate them.