Done installation but Haiku won't boot from HD

Hello, I have followed the installation tutorial that I have found on the Haiku site.
I am trying to install it on a Fujitsu Lifebook C6310 PII 330MHz 250MB 40GB notebook
I boot from the cd, do all the installation, extract the cd, turn off thr computer, turn on but no Haiku boot happens, just this:

GRUB Loading stage1.5
GRUB Loading, please wait…
Error 17

and that’s all.
What can I do?

Search in google “reinstalling grub”

And boot from the LiveCD, go to shell,

Such as:
$find /boot/grub/stage2
$root (hd0,(number of root device here))
such as root (hd0,5)
$setup (hd0)
And reboot