I want give a donation. But I didn’t have a credit card, so I think a European bank account would be a good idea (also for other people in the EU).

Indeed. The same thought has come across me a lot of times.

Paypal is just something which ain’t that good I’m afraid =(. Never even bothered to get an account because they charge for to much for each transaction.

Just set out the IBAN and such to the Haikus account and let us Europeans push in some money.

To see Alex work fulltime again would be swell.

Check for instance. I’m sure it’s possible to hook up a deal there (especially since it’s a non profit org). or (Check fee’s. Expensive but still gives the Visa opportunity).

You know I’d want Marcus, Ingo, Rudolf, Darkwyrm and and and… to work fulltime if possible too.

Can something be done here?

The second option would be to (like mentioned) set up a similar org in europe which can handle european transactions.

Of those that are aware of e-currencies, each has their favourite - mine being e-gold. The point is that a worthwhile e-currency has to be borderless, low/no fee and easy to convert to a national currency.

Paypal may be well known but there are vastly better options.

You also may want to check out HaikuBounties @