Donating to Haiku with a different cryptocurrency?


I’ve been following Haiku since about 2009. A couple of years ago I actually used nightlies as my main OS for 8 months. I had to stop using it for a couple of reasons but now that the Beta is out I am strongly considering going back to it. This might sound a little starry-eyed but I honestly believe Haiku will be very successful some day. Its design just blows the big 3 desktop OS’s out of the water. It makes it obvious that the big 3 were originally based on designs that were not intended for modern PC computing. Before I tried Haiku, I never imagined it was actually possible to have a system that was powerful, customisable, and user-friendly at the same time. After so long I have become very emotionally attached to this project, as I’m sure many of you can understand.

I’m also a fan of a little ‘altcoin’ (Bitcoin fork) named Myriad (XMY), and was wondering if Haiku Inc would be open to accepting donations in this currency? At this point you would of course be thinking, “why should we accept this little unheard of currency which barely has any liquidity and is probably worthless?”

Well, naturally I would disagree that it’s worthless :slight_smile: , but I might be wrong. So my answer to you for why you should accept it, is that it will cost you practically nothing to set up, and I am willing to put up large donations in this currency. I am unable to do this through other means at this point in time. Also, with some small amount of effort it is not too difficult to convert Myriads into Euros or USD, I promise. :slight_smile:

Just yesterday Myriad users finished a round of crowdfunding to support the development of a new multi-platform cryptocurrency wallet, and the equivalent of 25,658USD was raised in just 2 weeks. So our community is quite generous, being the little Haiku-sized project that we are. I can’t promise the same results for Haiku as it’s quite a bit more ‘off-topic’ but it’s just to give you an idea. :wink: I imagine there is quite a bit of overlap in personality types between Haiku and Myriad users. Both are projects for nerds who aren’t afraid of being ‘uncool’ early adopters.


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