Donating thru Amazon purchases


How about becoming an Amazon Associate, putting the link on the Contribute|Donations page and profit between 5% to 7.5% (in the US up to 9% IIRC) from every purchase?

You could determine a visitor’s home country and modify the link accordingly to point to her local Amazon. See also the International Associate Programmes. This, however, needs a seperate account in every country and I’m not sure how to eventually transfer this money to Haiku’s home account in the US. If that should prove to be too difficult or expensive, the money could be used to support Haiku developers from the specific country by directly sending them stuff from Amazon.

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There are changes that is felt by the print media with The Kindle DX is coming out and this new edition of the Kindle means that things are going to get worse. Amazon released the Kindle DX just recently, and it’s a vast improvement over the previous edition. It’s nearly twice the size of the original Kindle, and it has twice the storage space. It will take quite the cash advance, as it retails for about $500. It will download entire books for pennies per page; New York Times Bestsellers could go for as little as $10 or less. The newspaper industry is in dire need of debt relief, which the Kindle DX is probably not helping – but it sure is cool.

not a bad idea. I’ve just gone and bought a (cheap) wifi card, solely for the purposes of testing with Haiku. If I could buy it, and know that a small amount went to Haiku inc, that would be fine with me.

Going a step further, buy links to Amazon, for hardware known to work/work well with Haiku would be a good idea also.

From what I’ve come to understand, Haiku Inc., prefers to keep this website free from adverts. So, this might be better for 3rd party sites. For example, it could be an additional source for funding Haikuware’s Thank-You Awards and Bounties.