Does Haiku log output from daemons anywhere?

Hello all,

Am wondering if Haiku logs output from the various daemons in one central location?

I’m trying to get email working and nothing is feeding through - the Preferences panel doesn’t provide any feedback through the UI but running it in the shell shows that it can connect to the IMAP server successfully.

Any ideas on how I can troublesheet the daemon?



/var/log/syslog as usual? But only the syslogs get there, not logs sent by your daemon to the standard output. These are lost, unless you somehow redirect stdout yourself (for example, by running the daemon in a terminal for testing).

Thanks for replying!

I’ve tailed /var/log/syslog but nothing there. I’m trying to debug the mail_daemon which is starting up but I see no mailbox icon in the tracker and no email arrives from my server. However, on starting up the daemon from terminal it returns immediately whether or not I add the ampersand on the end…

Do you think it’s possible to compile a copy of the daemon myself and then run that interactively instead of the system-provided daemon?

Thanks again for replying!