Does anyone want to take over the BeOS Tip Server?


I haven’t seen wiki software yet that’s easier to maintain than a WP site. Unless you truly want to provide public write-access, which you probably don’t. If you’re going to maintain a list of editors, may as well keep it in WP for far better manageability, editing, etc. I think WP took over most of the wiki space ages ago because it’s usually the better tool for the job. But I should stay out of it :slight_smile:


OK, so above we have @MrTransistor who has offered a free dedicated server, and @lorglas who has already imported the dump into a new wordpress site and it’s already up and running! (nice). So now I need to transfer the domain, but I don’t know who to transfer it /to/! It seems like it should be @lorglas since he completed the work first, but can you two work it out between yourselves and let me know?

Second thought: It would be great for the new site to be under the umbrella of somehow, in policy or funding (so that I’d be handing it over to the community, rather than to an individual). Any chance of that happening?


Hello Scot,

We’ve been there for a long time and the websites are still alive, even if you are not doing well financially. we are 2 persons and can share the costs.
The danger that the website disappears is therefore low.

Regards Lorglas


We need someone who are active in the community if we want to get the infos alive. I does not want to push up our self, but i my thinking the best way to give it to us.


Dear Scot, dear all. I’d suggest you’d go with @lorglas, I was not sure if there was any interest at all, hence my initial offer. OK for your guys?


To be honest, I haven’t used WP ever, so I can’t comment on that. I suggested a wiki, because I like it’s simple marked up editing easy creating and linking new pages. More importantly, already has a wiki running, so I’d guess it’ll be easy to set up another help-wiki.

It’d only make sense if we’d be able to mass-import my updated tipserver text files in any case…


Where is the Wiki? Can anyone edit it?

I’d love to see something like Confluence on our site…


This is the index of the existing (developer) wiki:
People need write permissions granted before they can edit pages.


OK, @lorglas it is then! I’ll DM him separately with info on the domain transfer.


Hello Humdinger,

You can send me your updated record. I can put it on the Betips server and we did not need another help page.

The BeSly with over 575 detailed tutorial can be used. The side is active since 2004.

Please, let work togehter and help us.

Regards Lorglas


Those are original tipserver files, i.e. plain text files with author, category etc. in attributes. Can you import that into another WordPress instance?

I suppose it’d be appropriate to have it separated from the original BeOS tipserver at e.g


I’m not sure I’m understanding this conversation correctly. Are you guys thinking that all of the original content from TrackerBase did somehow not make it into the WordPress version of the site? That is not true! The WP site contains ALL of the original content from the beginning of time.


No, no, the WP version has all the tips.
I just have tip001 to tip700 of the TrackerBase files, of which I have adapted tip001 to tip452 to Haiku. Those could be converted (to WP or wiki) and put up somwhere extra. That’ll preserve the BeTips BeOS legacy and adds a new HaikuTipserver to go forward with Haiku specific tips.


Ah. Well that’s one way of looking at things – that is “legacy” – but I don’t think of it that way. In fact there is already a Haiku category on that was made to contain newer, or Haiku-specific content. My expectation was not that would be locked down as a legacy archive, but would continue to be edited and expanded to meet current needs as well – either by keeping new things under the Haiku category or by modifying older tips to fit newer needs.

It also doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense to me to have multiple sites out there with partially overlapping content - I would think that users would benefit more from having ONE site ALL of the content, where some editors have agreed what is worthy of inclusion and how it should be organized.

However, I am giving up the site and don’t really have a lot of say in the matter. Whatever you guys think makes most sense for the community is fine by me.


I Think i should add the betips links into the tutorial finder, so people can find the tips faster and they are beside the besly tutorials


If people send us new tips, i does not see any problem to add them into betips.

It is the same like besly tutorials all over the years.


Hello humdinger,

I can see how I can import your modified article. But it will take time, since I first have to ask for permission from the original authors.


Hello everybody,
I did not say that is not maintained. I just wrote that our focus is on the besly.

But if we get articles for the betips, we will also enter there.
Lelldorin and I just have to think about how we will go in the future.


We can add a info case for BeOS users at the bottom of the tip? So we have haiku tips and get the (if different) BeOS tips alive.


I’m heading out on vacation for a while, and will leave it up to you fine fellows to work out the implementation details.