Does anyone know if if these Audio & MIDI specs can currently be done with BeOS (will Haiku)?

Dear BeOS (& Haiku) Community,

Does anyone know if if these Audio & MIDI specs can currently be done with BeOS (will Haiku?):

  1. My focus for using BeOS, besides as a general purpose desktop OS, is for Audio & MIDI purposes. As such, I am looking for the highest Sample-Rate and Bit-Depth supported and tested Audio hardware with BeOS R5. My Audio ideal would be 3 Channels of simultaneous Recording and 2 Channels of simultaneous Playback at a minimum sample rate of 192 kHz and bit depth of 24 bits. Ideally, I would be using (outboard) external A/D and D/A converters, so what I really am after is a Digital I/O (RCA/Coax S/PDIF or AES/EBU) Audio solution which can handle what I am looking for…Does anyone know who makes hardware that there are tested drivers for which will work at that sample rate and bit depth; also what software applications would I have to use which would support recording and playing back at that sample rate & bit depth?

  2. Does anyone happen to know if the Digital Audio I/O works properly under BeOS R5 and/or Zeta 1.21 or 1.5 on the Gina 3G and Layla 3G at 96-kHz, 24 bits when using Jerome’s Echo Audio Driver?

  3. For MIDI, does anyone know which brand and model of a tested interface provides the least amount of jitter for external MIDI Recording and Playback with BeOS R5?

Thank you.



I noticed this;

" Commit by korli :: r20394 /haiku/trunk/src/add-ons/kernel/drivers/audio/echo/ (54 files in 4 dirs):
fixed some warnings in multi.cpp
updated with Release B3 (I didn’t test yet) :
-Firmware to support new revision 5 Indigo io and Indigo dj hardware
-Firmware to support new revision 4 Mia MIDI hardware
-New FPGA & DSP code to correct problems with S/PDIF at 96 kHz on Gina3G (note new,
longer timeout required in C3gDco.cpp)
-Changes to support x64 Windows
-Fix for 96 kHz on Mac OS X for Echo 3G
-New QuerySampleRateRange method for all devices
-Simplified channel mask classes
-New ECHO_ASSERT macro to simplfy enabling and disabling asserts
-Removed m_wBytesPerSample from CEchoGals; it wasn’t being used and caused housekeeping problems for Adobe Audition recording in mono mode
-Now using READ_REGISTER_ULONG and WRITE_REGISTER_ULONG macros to read and write DSP registers; these
are automatically defined if the platform environment doesn’t define them"

Glad to see activity on this front! Thanks Korli!