Documentation Source

Where is the source for the Haiku documentation (i.e. the Haiku User Guide and the API Docs)?

It’s not on Github or anything so just curious as to where it’s located.

The BeBook is surprisingly decent, and also take a look at the historic newsletters for some developer thoughts on the design.

The API docs and the Haiku user guide are generated using Doxygen, so I was referring to where the source code for that is stored.

They are in the haiku main git repository.

The API docs are in
The userguide is in

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Any chance of getting this on Github as well? Having these on Github would make it easier to contribute for those who are unfamiliar with Haiku’s git repos (like me) and it would encourage more contributions to the docs.

No, please learn to use Gerrit. It is not that hard. Or if you are not familiar with it, you can still fork things on github and put your changes there, and create tickets requesting for us to integrate the changes (it is not too hard to do, even if reviewong on Gerrit would be more convenient).

We cannot afford to spread things out in multiple systems and multiple repos. I am already annoyed that so many things end up on github.