a regular distribution of haiku and perhaps a wrapped html package containing
-information about new apps
-haiku news
-profiles of haiku users

so that in addition to putting this system out into the world, we’d be presenting also its use cases as something like a testimonial and also sharing with potential new users and each other what we get up to with this system. It could be distributed both as bootable media and as a packaged web app that includes a link to the latest release/nightly.

Putting it on a physical disk seems so … 1990s. What will this do that a good website does not? We could use an independent website about Haiku.

what a diskmag is that a website is not:
-independent of a proper search query or url

the fundamental problem with the web is you can only find what you’re looking for, so only people who know about haiku would ever see it.

I often thinked about creating a disk magazin or pdf magazin, but every time i come back to our knowledge base BeSly and post my tutorials there.

Would be fine to get some new tutorials written by other people, for our knowledge base or help to check and make translations.


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