Disk images not recognized/usable under linux

Hello all,

I have been running the latest Haiku VMware images for a few days now and wanted to try it out on some real hardware. First off, I would like to mention that I am a heavy linux user, so I have tried several ways already to fix my problem. So I go and download the disk images from the nightly build site (one of them) and I try to burn it to a disk first with K3b. But that says the image is unusable. Next I try to use dd to burn to a disk (CDR) and that doesnt work. I also use dd to try to write it to a disk partition and that didnt work either, although it probably wouldnt boot either way because Haiku prolly cant boot on an ext3 partition.

Since I was unable to find any documentation on how to use these images and ISO’s arent provided. How do I use them? Will I just have to compile from SVN and build an ISO? I was also going to tripple boot Linux/Linux/Haiku on my disk array using GRUB, would that work?


BeOS/Haiku does not run off an ISO9660 - it is a BFS image (custom filesystem created by Be, Inc. for BeOS).

You can dd it to a partition on an HD, but in order to boot it from a LiveCD, you’ll need to create a 2-track disc (first track being a boot floppy image, second being the BFS image)… there are several threads here in the forum discussing that process, but it has mixed results.

using GRUB to boot a Haiku partition should be fine - should be able to chainload it once you dd it to a partition.

Okay, thanks for the reply. I recreated a new partition, but this time left it as ‘unformatted/raw’ and used dd to write the image to that partition which is on /dev/sdb4. So then I entered a GRUB entry for Haiku using the following command to boot via the chainloader:

chainloader (hd1,4)+1

And it loads into the partition okay but I get the following error:

Error 13: Invalid or unsupported executable format

What could be the problem?

-maddog39 (Alex)