Disappointed with Haiku


Would be great to have a bug fix team who concentrates on moving towards R1 only.
Making bug fixes only. And communicate together to release the R1.

Because it is open source devs can do what they like to do…


Here you go: https://github.com/haikuports/haikuports/issues

Just solve what you can. No team and bs required.


Sometimes I want to fix bugs. Sometimes I prefer to experiment with new features. Remember that I do this on my free time after getting back from work. Maybe I spent the day debugging messy code (it is the case today) and I want to do something else to relax myself? If Haiku start to look too much like a paid job where I have to do what someone else decides, either I want to get paid (and not half rate like I did in the past), or I’ll just go work on something else.


I still think it would be great to have them…

Nothing to do with your great work, which is much more…


No one wants to do this. Why should fixing boring and annoying bugs be left to only a specific team? Why would they not be allowed to work on new features too?


It makes no sense to work only on bugs, because after new features added we get new bugs. Some times it is the best way implementing new things to solve other problem, because on not seen ways you fixing more things then on concentrating on one thing who have a bug.


Only to speed up the release of the beta…
If they like to work on other things… why not… if they have the time to… No need to disallow them to work on new features…

Sorry I did not know that this is boring and annoying work to get Haiku stable…


All serious software development projects are 1% fun and 99% tedious hard work. If it’s something else it’s no serious project.


That is why Linux distros be hated.
Too many new features and too many bugs.


I think it is not the new features, more the unlimited distributions


Yes. Recently, I banged out some recipes for Falkon 3.0.1 and Qt WebEngine 5.10.1 for HaikuPorts.
Pretty wicked recipes and patches for Haiku to push the elementals a bit. Enjoy… :smile_cat:


Why? User just take distro (mostly the most popular, like Ubuntu/Mint) and use it. Don`t have to use all of them (most differences between them are just other wallpapers and packages by default).


Cool, looking forward to the polished packages of those two…:open_mouth:


I can’t seems to find your patchset, can you post it please?
The one posted here contains no actual haiku supporting patches.


As someone elected to the board in 2015, I can add to this.

Today, Haiku, Inc. elects trusted community members with a majority vote.

I personally have a draft set of bylaws I wrote setting Haiku, Inc. up for public rotating elections of board members. (Defining term limits, etc)

I have been on the board of directors since 2015 and have full access to our offical email inbox. Two individuals have reached out to us about a seat on the board since, both of which are on the board today.

If there isn’t a backlog of people wanting to be elected… How is “rotating seats” going to help? This is why it’s a draft… waiting for the day it’s needed.

Board members don’t get paid. All seats are voluntary.

Haiku, Inc. doesn’t dictate the direction of the project or what features get put in. The developers do based on their personal motivation and community feedback.

If you want something to change, grab a hammer.


Rotating seats do help even if you don’t have other people applying. It forces you to put an official report every 3 years or so in the line of “no one applied to replace us, so we just continue”. and it’s an opportunity to send a call for applications, too.


when the app is downloaded, it’s as installed as it ever gets and you can already move any packages onto external storage


firefox runs on damn near everything, nobody’s ever gone to linux for firefox. linux’s killer apps were audio and vfx tools that’ve mostly gotten windows ports by now.


Definitely a good point. It does adds to the Inc. maintenance work though.


If you can’t hold a meeting every 3 years for this, the problem is more serious than I expected. In that case, the current board should just resign now and let whoever takes the role next handle it.