Disappearing BFS Partition

Rather suddenly, one of my BFS partitions disappeared (sort of). Before I can explain, here’s some important background information:

I have 2 hard drives. The first is a 40GB drive that contains my “main” BeOSR5 partition and an extremely small FAT32 partition. The second hard drive is a 120GB drive with an NTFS primamry partition and three logical drives (two FAT32 and the other my “development” BFS drive). This arrangement has worked fine for the last 2 years or so. I have Bootman installled on the “main” BFS partition and it will let me select from by two BeOS installations or windows.

Now for the problem:
A few days ago, I cleaned out one of the two FAT32 partitions on the second hard drive drive and installed Ubuntu Linux on it. The installer did it’s own partitioning (split the partition into a data partition and a swap partition) and everything seemed to be fine.

Since I installed Linux, however, attempting to boot into either of my BeOS partitions from the Bootman menu will boot my “main” BeOS installation. In fact, the only partition on the larger drive that BeOS is able to see is the primary NTFS partition. I have had Linux installers fubar my partition structure before, but this time is very odd. Both Linux and WinXP are able to see all of the partitions on the drive (they can’t necessarily mount or use them, but they at least recognize that they are still there).

When I try to run ‘bootman’ (in R5, pro edition I think), the following error message is printed to the Terminal window several times before the program launches: “Invalid extended partition detected at block d177368”

Does anybody have experience with a problem like this? It sounds like BeOS thinks the partition structure is invalid, even though Linux and WinXP think it’s fine. I don’t particularly care what happens to the Linux partition, I’ve just got most of my in-progress projects stored on the BFS partition and I’d prefer not to lose them into the void :frowning: I heard rumors a long time back that there was a Linux driver under development somewhere that would give at least read-only access to a BFS partition, can anyone confirm that this exists?

I would greatly appreciate any help anyone could give me. Thank you

P.S. - I use a boot floppy to boot into my Linux partition and I refused to let Linux touch my boot sector or install a boot manu/loader, so I know that this wasn’t a problem with grub/lilo/etc.