Directory profiles

I installed the Otter browser but it warns that the profile directory /home/config/settings/Otter/otter is running out of space (4kb) so it will be unstable then option to terminate. I have 5gb free space so what is it referring to and how do I rectify it? Please use simple language I am not a programmer. Thanks for your attention, Brian

I saw the same thing; my guess is that it’s using a part of the Haiku filesystem that is read-only. One of the other developers may be able to confirm.

No, home/config/settings is writable. So there’s likely a bug in how the application (or Qt) detects free space.

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Understood - thanks.

Yep, looks like it calls QStorageInfo::bytesAvailable() after it is created with the profile path, and this is not returning the correct value (for Haiku). Raise a bug on the Qt5 recipe at HaikuPorts?