Dial up connection

Is there no more Dial Up Connection Support in Haiku?
Plenty of people in India and South-East-Asia still using Modems.

I thought it would be good to get Haiku running on older Hardware since still many people use 200Mhz, 300Mhz up to 500Mhz Computers.

Haiku is not running on my older systems (P3) only on the newest one a 2400Mhz computer.

Most people cannot afford a DSL Connection here…

Dialup connection support requires someone to build a PPP/SLIP stack to integrate with the netstack and also pull together a selection of modem drivers. IIRC, someone started something years ago, but it never materialized, and the netstack went through several iterations before the current one was produced, probably breaking whatever had been done up to that point anyway.

In the end, it hasn’t been a high priority task.

I’m sure if someone wanted to volunteer to add this feature to Haiku, the developers would be very grateful :slight_smile:

Alternatively, you could maybe setup a demand-dial server on your network, which I used to do years ago when I was on dialup. Whenever a connection outside the local network was requested, my demand-dial server would automatically dial up the ISP and then disconnect automatically when traffic ceased for some period of time. I had a dedicated phone line for this purpose, however. I understand this isn’t a solution for everyone, but at least it’s not impossible :wink:

it’s always good to have dialup in case something happens with your cable/dsl connection and you need to send an important email.