Device using FreeBSD run driver will not work in hrev51689

Greetings Haiku community.

As a former user of FreeBSD, I assumed that when I used Haiku off of a live USB, the networking would work after I ran “”. Unfortunately, the drivers were not installed.

At the same time, I am not quite sure if the driver for my device has been ported over yet (Linksys AE1000, RT3572 driver on Debian, run driver on FreeBSD). If anyone knows anything about this and would like to share the information with me, that would be greatly appreciated.

Haiku’s compatibility layer is currently only supporting FreeBSD 9.3, which is getting a bit old… Could be that your device’s FreeBSD support only came after 9.3.

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I also noticed that the compatibility layer does not work with USB networking devices, so I can assume that is part of the problem also.

Indeed. I didn’t realize that it’s a USB device. Of those we only support a handful natively (asix, davicom, ecm). Not even sure how good the support of those is…

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They work fine. The davicom one is very slow but this seems to be a problem in the hardware design. The other two should be just fine. Note that they are all wired ethernet devices, not wifi.

Wow, haiku supports ecm!? So it should work with the ethernet gadget mode of USB OTG or USB device controllers under linux? That really opens some possibilities!