"/dev/net/rtl8139/0" is not a WLAN device

Tried again and again and again, but I cannot get the Realtek RTL8139 driver to work.

I’ve followed the instructions here: https://www.haiku-os.org/guides/daily-tasks/wireless

But when I type “ifconfig /dev/net/rtl8139 list” into the terminal, the output is “ifconfig: ‘/dev/net/rtl8139’ is not a WLAN device”.

What am I doing wrong??

BTW, I’m using Haiku a3

“/0” is missing (/dev/net/rtl8139/0).

I am pretty sure rtl8139 is wired LAN. You need to find your WiFi device first. In terminal, type ls /dev/net

Then see if only rtl8139 shows only or if you also have your wireless card showing.

Oh, shoot!

Just checked up on my Laptop’s specs. It seems my Wired card is a “Realtek 8139”. My Wireless card is an “MSI 6877” and I know for a fact that isn’t supported.


Thanks for pointing that out.

I might try and find another card for my laptop (I’m sure I saw my wireless card inside when I opened up my laptop), could you suggest any good PCI cards?

EDIT: I delved a little closer and found my Wifi Card, the chip says “RT2571WF” on it, I’m assuming that’s not supported, right?

“/0” is missing (/dev/net/rtl8139/0).[/quote]

Yeah, I forgot to put that in when I made the post.

if you do ls /dev/net in terminal and see another driver listed other than the rtl8139 then Haiku has detected your hardware. If not, then Haiku has not found your network hardware.

If a WiFi driver is not listed under /dev/net, then file a ticket and a developer will look at getting a driver from FreeBSD for it.

I’m getting a new WiFi card (I really need it, I planning to use Haiku and Windows on a Dual Boot system - I know Haiku isn’t reccomended for everyday use, but I love it too much!).

But, I’ll post a ticket on the ticket system.