Deskbar hides, active program menu pops up when mouse over

(an editor please delete this post, because it’s in feature request as well. it should have been a feature but i thought the feature request is the suggestion box :?. sorry i’m new)

i posted two sepparate topics, since they are two diffrent ideas. i hope that’s ok.

i like the deskbar. is very unobtrusive. not like windows. but you have to click to times to get to active windows and sometimes the windows cover it, it’s out of reach burried by programs. but is small, so i am happy.

the deskbar might be hideable. like in windows. it hides, and only the time and tray? icons appear. the replicants? i think they are called. or just the main menu. or the quick links. or nothing appears but a small line to know that there is something there.

now if the deksbar would behave like a drawer (it hides away leaving only a handle that you just put the mouse over), then you may place it wherever you want, including sideways (and the text would be written from up to down, see below). so you may have extreme flexility and everybody would be happy since they can now have the menu wherever they need.

let’s say an open window called myProg looks likes this sideways:


all icons stay the same, since you don’t need to read them.

also, one could replace the two click way for showing windows with small buttons. or the menu could pop up by itself like a hint instead of clicking. the menu where you can choose children of active programs. that is, you would have a one click system for choosing windows. it would pop like a menu, in the left side, so you may easily move the mouse over the other active programs.

this last idea would simplify the problem with clicking many times to show a window.

one could also add a close button on all children windows, and on the active program. for example a small [x] or the square [ ]. but a small square on the far right, or far left of each menu item (or program name). you click that and you close the child window or the program directly from the deskbar. so you could eliminate the close menu item.