Deps in recipe no longer found

Finally got the time to resume working on a recipe and I’ve noticed that certain deps in it no longer seem to be found by haikuporter. Namely, SDL2-related ones such as this one:


I’ve tried removing the 2.0 bit, but still the same result. Have there been any changes to anywhere (i.e. repos, porting apps, etc.) that could cause this to occur?

No change, this is still available:

Make sure sdl2_mixer_devel is installed.

Yes, in general, when you run into dependency-missing errors, just try running pkgman install ... to see if they can be installed. Or run HaikuPorter with --get-dependencies which will do that automatically :slight_smile:

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Wow, really wish I knew about this sooner. Thanks!

It’s documented :wink:

Hmm, it’s already in my profile.

And enabled (as in removed the “#” in front of the lines)?