Delete /system/packages

I have to free up some disk space and I saw that Haiku keeps the binaries (already installed) packages in /system/packages (in my case it 17 gb of data). Is it safe to remove theese files? Its pretty dumb to keep the binary right there must just a sql database or simple text file that keeps the correcty version? Or?

You can try FilWip, you must check “Previous system states”.

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As janus2, I assume you mean the “administrative” folder in /system/packages. It can be cleared out, but then you won’t be able to go back to past states by selecting one in the boot options.

A large number of states also slows down booting, so there’s a ticket (#12498) to remind us we need a solution.


Just making sure… :grinning: A naive reading of your post might suggest you are thinking of removing the contents of /system/packages itself.


Your “installed” binaries actually reside nowhere but in those packages, and are unpacked as needed.

You probably knew that, and I’m misinterpreting, but just in case…


I dont know if the script is running correctly on current nightlys, but to take a look this tutorials should be helpful: