Dates for alpha 4

i know this might be a difficult question to answer, can anybody tell/confirm the release date for alpha4? seemed 15 ofrece october was con schedule. thanks in advance, keep up the good job.

So, Oct 15 was the original projection? Hey - even if they miss the date, I’m fine. As an author (books) - I’ve missed a date or two. I’ve seen the result of the Haiku developer’s reluctance to push the releases out too quickly (Haiku is fab because they don’t!)

My only concern is that I know it would be much easier for Haiku to reach their fundraising goal for this year if they released Alpha 4 some time before December. New releases spur interest. Interest spurs traffic and donations.

it is not my intention to complain about delays in schedule. i al so prefer a more polished work even if i have to wait a month more :slight_smile:

The 26th BeGeistert is scheduled for the 3rd & 4th of November 2012, the first weekend. As a developer get together it usually includes a coding sprint. If that happens as usual, it can either be used to start new initiatives after the release of alpha 4 or as a final bug stomping session in preparation for the release. I would bet on it being the latter in which case the release should happen sometime in the two weeks after BeGeistert. I seriously doubt it will be any later than that (Nov 18).


nice thank you.

See the most recent posts to the devel mailing list.


I don’t claim to have any inside knowledge of the release date. However I think the release date will be December 21st 2012! I saw it in a dream I had last week. lol Seriously I think it is very soon. At the time of this writting there are only two open tickets for the Alpha 4 milestone! Both should be easy fixes.

In the future, lets not have this much time pass between releases, please?

November 12th, 2012.

My goal is for that to be a “HARD” date. I don’t want to see things slip again.