D programming language

My c++ knowledge is not so bad, but since i saw “D programming language” I started to think, that this could/should be my next favourite programming language.
I wanted to ask, if D (version 2.0) could be integrated in the developer tools?
I think it would be a good ideea to start promoting D. I read recently that fedora 14 offers now support for D, perhaps we could do that too. (Of course it depends of how many people are interested in it)

Funny you should ask that, but it’s being worked on by a member of the community

you may have a look here :

thank you for the link. It’s great news for me :slight_smile:


This is interesting for me, it would be nice to have D support in haiku.

The link http://haikuware.com/directory/view-details/development/language/ldc-+-tango is broken. The new link is: http://haikuware.com/directory/view-details/development/language/ldc-tango

Also, it is possible to use GDC https://github.com/D-Programming-GDC/GDC with Haiku’s gcc?