CW Gold 10 for Be (and Haiku?)

CW Gold 10 supports building targets for BeOS. Would a Be application built this way run on Haiku 32bit?

Yes, 32bit Haiku is binary compatible with BeOS, so what runs on BeOS should run on Haiku as well. If it doesn’t, that’s a bug.


That’s fantastic! I can take advantage of all my various dev tools, processes and workflow and get up to speed a lot faster that way!

When it’s time for me to fully migrate over to Haiku, would BeIDE be useful to import/migrate the CW projects? If it would be, how do I go about installing BeIDE from it’s zip archive? (I can’t find the QuickStart guide that the manual refers to)

Mh, actually, it seems CodeWarrior is only for PowerPC. Does it support building for x86 as well? And does it support BeOS R5 or only earlier versions?
We are compatible only with the x86/Intel version of BeOS, so that could be a problem…

I don’t know about the migration to BeIDE.

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It would be some work I guess but probably Paladin is the way to go these days for an IDE on Haiku right? I mean even 10 years ago we were telling people that BeIDE was not ideal.

I think codewarrior supported makefiles… perhaps for projects built that way it wouldn’t be too hard to convert them to Paladin.

Well, CW 10 Gold was released in 9/1996. The most recent BeOS it refers to is DR8, and it will only build for a PowerPC BeBox.

I should still be able to do test builds, but testing & debugging will have to be done with builds done on Haiku. Not nearly as seamless a solution as I was hoping for (CW supported remote debugging of Be apps on a BeBox from the Mac host), but it’ll still let me take advantage of everything I want to for all but the final stages.

One idea I had was to copy over all the Haiku development headers so I could at least verify that it’ll compile on Haiku before moving the entire project over to Haiku for building & debugging.

You can get any version of CodeWarrior that supports PowerPC and PEF to build BeOS applications. All you need to do is manually set up the project. I used a version of CodeWarrior on Windows to build some BeOS stuff once. The main issue is getting the headers, libs and shared libs on to your machine.

The version of BeOS Intel supported by CodeWarrior would have been pre-ELF. So R3.x only. When BeOS Intel used PE Exe format.

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