Custom attributes are go

I just want to applaud a small milestone: my latest build of Haiku (May 18) is the first in which I’ve been able to create custom jpeg attributes.

This may bore the pants off some people, but it’s important to me because I’ve been amassing a library of pictures on BeOS since getting my first digital camera about two years ago, and I depend on indexed IMAGE:caption IMAGE:copyright and IMAGE:keywords attributes, and permanent custom queries, to manage my library. Now I can begin importing pictures and testing my system on Haiku. Good stuff!

For the record, the Haiku Tracker correctly displays my custom data (but they do slow down window resizing), and queries on the custom attributes work as they should.

The only fault I’ve come across is that Tracker crashes when trying to edit an existing attribute query, which I see is a known bug already reported 3 months ago.

And this may be old news, but it’s also nice to see that Haiku queries by default take a meaningful name, instead of the BeOS default timestamp. Improving on R5, a bit at a time… :slight_smile: