Current yab apps does not run on current builds again?

If I remember right then yab was split into yab and yab.lib to bend exactly this case before. So why do you have to rebuild everything?

I do not understand that. Why then does this Lib when this makes no sense?

If you updated to a recent nightly and installed yab from the HaikuPorts repo, it updates Be sure that there is only one on the system and you do not have one in a non-packaged directory. Any programs built with an earlier version of yab that uses should work without need to be re-built.

Ok, so i have a chance that my apps are running because i used your last yab version with the lib.

I re-updated on without changing the version as haiku changed about the same time of my first update. no need to go through the process of updating the recipe in haikuports because the source is the same, just re-compiled on a newer install of Haiku.

I found the issue Friday after updating my haiku install. I didn’t have time to investigate until Monday when I determided that a simple re-compile was all that was needed and then I replaced the .hpkg files for yab and yab-IDE on the FatElk server. Later Monday or early Tuesday new versions of yab were added to then HaikuPorts repo. the ones on HaikuPorts were never compiled with an earlier version of Haiku.