Current state of USB audio?

I was just wondering what the current state is of the USB audio driver.

I have a fair investment in a USB DAC, amplifier and headphone set up, and wondered if it would be usable under Haiku.

Is there currently a working USB audio driver. If I recall, there was the beginnings of one back in the R5 days.

There is USB audio driver in the source code but I believe not in the Haiku images. You would have to build it yourself and test.

May not work or outdated but only testing will tell you for sure.

At the moment I’m working on USB Audio driver for Haiku. Please contact me by e-mail: zharik-at-gmx-li if you have such hardware. I need some info about USB audio devices topology. Thank you.

PS: Current implementation of usb_audio in Haiku source tree is just a BeOS sample code for USB isochronous transfers and I know nobody who has push it to work under BeOS.