Curl / Netsurf

I’m not sure who did the work to port the upgraded Netsurf-3.2 / cURL combo, but thanks! I checked the browser with and the report is much improved. There are no 40 bit ciphers, DES, nor RC4. Great job!!!

It’s a little strange that the SEED cipher has been added (I don’t know anything about it). Maybe it’s an upstream cURL change. CBC+TLS-1.0 is still listed as a problem, but overall it’s a much better report. Thanks go out to whoever did the new port!

It’s actually NetSurf 3.3 :slight_smile:

The NetSurf devs are careful about this and they did the work of disabling the unwanted ciphers. You can submit them bug reports on their bugtracker if you think things should be tweaked further.