Csound 6.14

A few days ago the Csound crew released version 6.14. The Haiku package is now available at http://GoodeveCA.net/Csound .

((This is not the same as the Csound version you can find on HaikuDepot, which is earlier and has no live (Haiku) audio or MIDI. This package is built directly from the current Github sources – with some extras like Haiku icons.)

If you’re not familiar with the system – and are involved with creating music or audio in Haiku – you probably should be…:grinning: It’s an extremely powerful music and audio generation and analysis application and language. It was originally developed by Barry Vercoe at MIT in the 80’s, based on Max Mathews’ “Music N” programs that ran on mainframes in the 60’s. It has now been advanced far beyond the original and is being continually enhanced. It does have a ‘learning curve’, but I’ve found it well worth the learning!


Hi Pete, thanks for keeping this on par with the releases from upstream!
On the note, are the fixes for live (Haiku) audio or MIDI up streamed on their github source?

Yep – everything is merged into the master source (csound/develop branch). No patching should be needed. The only required dependency is libsndfile, and I think that’s pretty version-independent. {Could be wrong…:slightly_smiling_face:] As I noted elsewhere, fluidsynth (not required, but useful) has problems with newer versions – as yet unresolved.

Did you get in contact with the people of fluidsynth for the problems you’re facing with the latest version(s)? Maybe if we put our minds together we could have a package that suits your needs at haikuports :slight_smile:

Don’t think it’s time for that yet. I haven’t had a chance yet to actually look at the original sources (only the Haikuported stuff). I need to find out the actual hangups.

I did prompt them to fix something else a while back, and they did so. The fine-tuning (by MIDI NRPN) was off by a factor of two, which caused some pretty horrible effects when I needed to shift both my piano and fluidsynth together!

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